Dental practice Stadhouderskade Amsterdam
Niet vullen, maar poetsen (en flossen)!

English info

Expats and other foreigners living in Amsterdam are more than welcome in our dental office at the Stadhouderskade in the heart of Amsterdam near the Heineken Brewery and Albert Cuypmarkt.

All our dentists, dental hygienists, dental hygiene students and dental assistents speak English and we are accepting new clients. Register here so we can get back to you to make an appointment.

You can make an appointment by e-mail, , or Phone: +31206627259.

Dentistry is privatized in the Netherlands, this means that the patient is responsible for the payment of the costs of the treatment, not the insurance company. However, under Dutch basic health insurance, the insurance company will fully cover all costs of dentistry for children up to the age of 18 as well as dental surgery for adults. All other dental care, which constitutes the majority of care provided, can only be insured when you have an additional insurance. This supplementary insurance can cover up to 75% of the costs. For the exact coverage, please check the policy terms or contact the Insurance company.

Opening hours

Opening hours on weekdays: 8AM-9PM. On Fridays from 8AM-5PM.


Rates are determined by the Dutch healthcare authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit NZa) and the Minister of Health. This means that prices are the same at all dental practices in the Netherlands.


Payment can be made in 2 ways: our preference is to pay with a bank card or credit card (only Mastercard or VISA) immediately after the treatment, after which you can declare the invoice with the health insurance if you have additional dental insurance.

You can also choose that we send the invoice to your insurance company and that you receive an invoice for the amount that is not reimbursed. It is then necessary that we have your current address and e-mail address.

If, despite reminders by post and e-mail, you do not pay your bill, we will forward the bill to debt collection agency De Nederlanden.


We have a library in our dental practice. This means that you can borrow or exchange books. Of course you can also leave the books you already read for someone else.